All About Shed Siding

This is part 5 of a series of articles with tips for choosing the perfect shed solution for your needs. View part four.

After you’ve decided on the shed style, its time to decide on what kind of siding option will be best for you. Here at Watson Portable Buildings, we offer four different types of siding, each with their own pros and cons.

Pressure Treated T1-11

If you’re looking for the cheapest siding option, we do offer pressure treated, stained T1-11 siding. T1-11 siding is a high maintenance siding option who’s main pro is the initial cost. However, in order to keep the siding from weathering and turning ugly, you’ll need to re-stain and re-seal the siding every year or two. So although the initial cost is less, there will be a fair amount of expense involved to reach maximum longevity. The typical life of a well-maintained T1-11 siding is between 12-15 years.

LP Smartside

Our premium option for wood siding is LP Smartside. This is an engineered wood product with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, we coat it with two coats of top-quality, 35 year exterior paint to make for a long lasting siding option. LP Smartside is also more impact-resistant than our metal or vinyl sheeting options to impact damage from common projectiles found in a backyard, such as golf balls, baseballs, and rocks. Unlike our T1-11 siding offering, LP Smartside is built to resist fungal decay, warping and cracking from heat and sun exposure, water, and termite damage. If you want a tough, durable siding then you’ll definitely want to go with our LP Smartside siding.


In addition to our wood sided sheds, we also offer a budget-friendly #1 grade, 29 gauge, 40 year metal siding option. Due to the nature of metal, this type of siding is not quite as tight around the corners and joints as the other types of siding. This can lead to small bugs getting in around the corner trim if the shed is not insulated. It is also not as impact resistant as our wood siding options, so this will be something to consider when making a decision. The pros to the metal siding are that it will require minimal maintenance over its long lifespan due to being a #1 grade, 40 year metal, and it is a cheaper alternative to our premium painted wood siding.


Our premium vinyl siding offering is a contractor’s grade dutch lap vinyl siding. The vinyl siding is a great choice if you live in a restricted neighborhood or are part of a homeowner’s association that limits the types of sheds allowed. The vinyl siding is probably the least impact resistant of all of our offerings, but it also requires the least maintenance. The biggest downside is that it is the most expensive siding type we offer, but overall, its still a great choice.

In conclusion…

To summarize, if you’re on a tight budget, the metal siding is the best option followed by our wood T1-11 siding. For the most durable siding with the longest lifespan the LP Smartside is the best choice. Finally, if restrictions don’t allow metal or wood siding, the vinyl siding is a great alternative.

If you have any more questions about siding choices, simply stop by one of our sales lots and talk to us, give us a call at (931) 635-2244, or send us a message! We’re always happy to answer any questions!