Cream and Brown Standard Utility Cabin
Cream and Brown Standard Utility Cabin
Stone, white, and green standard utility cabin with 2 windows and double doors in the side
Cedar Stained Utility Cabin with 2 windows, and double doors in the side
Lt. Gray, White, and Charcoal Standard Utility Garage

Standard Utility Cabin

With a 7'5" sidewall, the Standard Utility Cabin is probably the most versatile style in our line of painted backyard sheds. It features the A-frame roof style, along with a window, and a set of 60" double doors that can be placed in either end or side. It can be upgraded to a garage with a 9'x7' Garage Door, and a Pressure Treated Ramp to make it the perfect place to store your vintage car, lawn tractor, equipment, etc. Lofts, shelves, workbenches, walk-in doors, and many additional options give this shed the potential to be the perfect addition to your backyard.

Free Delivery is included within 50 miles of the sales lot as well as normal setup.

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Standard Features

  • LP Smart Panel Siding
  • Premium 2x4 Framing Lumber
  • 16" O.C. Wall Studs
  • 3/4" 50 Year. Advan Tech T&G Flooring
  • Pressure Treated Floor Joists
  • Pressure Treated Runners
  • 60" Double Doors
  • One 2'x3' Window
  • 2 Coats Sherwin Williams Exterior Super Paint
  • #1 40 Year Roofing Metal
  • 2 End Vents

Customer is responsible for all permits and zoning. Delivery man not responsible for access, or any yard or property damage on delivery.

Sales Tax is added to ALL sales.
Prices subject to change without notice.


Double Shelves$26.25/ft.


Extra 2'x3' Window$100.00
2'x3' Vinyl Window$200.00
3'x3' Vinyl Window$225.00
3'x4' Vinyl Window$250.00


Extra Set of 60" Double Barn Doors$130.00
72" Double Barn Door Upgrade$85.00
36" Single Barn Door$100.00
36" 9-Lite Door w/ Deadbolt$465.00
36" Solid Steel Door w/ Deadbolt$395.00


4' Loft (8' Wide)$175.00
4' Loft (10' Wide)$220.00
4' Loft (12' Wide)$265.00
4' Loft (14' Wide)$310.00


Foil - Roof2.5% of Base Price
(Extra heavy siding with foil backer)

Garage Doors

9'x7' Garage Door$825.00
9'x7' Garage Door with Glass$1000.00

Heavy Flooring

2'x6' Floor Joists 16" O.C. (10' Wide)$10.45/ft.
2'x6' Floor Joists 16" O.C. (12' Wide)$12.00/ft.
2'x6' Floor Joists 12" O.C. (12' Wide)$15.20/ft.
2'x6' Floor Joists 12" O.C. (14' Wide)$10.45/ft.

Misc Options

5' Pressure Treated Ramp$265.00
5' Aluminum Ramp (2 piece)$355.00
6' Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramp (2 piece)$440.00
Extra J-track (per 5')$30.00
Ridgevent (per 10')$80.00
3' Shutters (per pair)$70.00
4' Shutters (per pair)$85.00
3-Tab Shingle Roof10% of base price
Architectural Shingle Roof15% of base price